We are looking for a responsible and enthusiastic Executive Assistant to perform clerical tasks in a well-organized and timely way. You will need to act proactively and without guidance while understanding the needs and characteristics of people with whom you work with.


  • You are the main point of contact between the CEO/President and company employees/clients and managing information flow
  • Manage CEO calendar and arrange their daily schedule as well as reminders (set up meetings, travel, business and personal engagements)

Project Management

  • Create a simple and transparent Project Management structure and create standards for all projects for CEO
  • Update CEO daily on all projects and progress by getting updated information, creating charts/reports to show progress and next steps
  • Meet with team members and help them move projects along and overcome obstacles

Leadership / Structure:

  • Convey the message of the CEO to the entire company
  • Work with CEO to help lead the teams by keeping company goals visible on daily basis, maintain high moral at all times
  • Keep team members on track and focused on company goals and objective set by the CEO
  • Follow up daily with team members to keep progress flowing and project on time.
  • Update management structures with organizational charts including specific job descriptions and roles to CEO

Administrative tasks:

  • Follow up with all tasks giving on daily basis
  • Follow up on all miscellaneous task as requested
  • Maintain ability to log into various online systems for reporting and updating
  • Establish access to all online systems use by CEO


  • Have Clear understanding of all company goals and how they effect different departments be able to convey them to the teams refer back to the company goals and objectives
  • Have clear understanding of all related company sales figures, past, present, and forecasted


  • Keep CEO’s Desks organized all paper work is in appropriate fits that corresponded to project’s
  • All paper works must filed by end of the day


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or related field
  • Excellent MS Office knowledge
  • Proficiency with Excel
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Web Savvy
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Discretion and confidentiality

Bonus skills!

  • Experience with Google Analytics, Adwords, BigCommerce, Amazon, or other web based tools!


To apply simply send us an email with your name, email address, phone number and your resume in PDF format to


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