We are…

California Center for Economic Initiative, an Organization that is committed to ensuring equal opportunities to communities in need. We will not discriminate against anyone that approaches our Organization in need of economical support. We are here to give a helping hand to upcoming leaders, aspiring entrepreneur, grassroots organizations and struggling small businesses through innovative initiatives.

Board of Directors

Maceo Reed (Board Chair) Kinecta Credit Union
Rushelli Luna (Executive Director) CCFEI
Mayra Raza (Associate Director) CCFEI
Danielle Charles (Secretary) Orangewood Children Foundation

Barry Robinson (Member) ILWU
Malvin Black (Member) Aflac
Javier Rodriguez (Member) Buffalo Wild Wings
Courtney Pierce (Member) Los Angeles Community College

Special Members

Kelly Dozier, Skills to Success, Special Projects Board
Maureen Janco, Clean Green Real Estate, Special Projects Board
Shaana Myles, Empowering Youth Achieving Success, Special Projects Board