logo-300x119Our Mission is to rejuvenate distressed neighborhoods by improving the overall quality of housing and commercial properties for it’s residents, owners and Community.  What makes us unique is that we don’t just rehab properties we GREENHAB existing structures providing an energy‐efficient, high performance, healthy oasis to our end­‐buyers and users.

Our Vision: The CGRE Community Love Project was created to address the hard hit distressed housing markets in small townships and communities nationwide.  These much needed projects will bring businesses, jobs and housing creating a main focal point of a thriving business centers within the community to support growth and sustainability.  All buildings will have new GREEN infrastructures and retrofits of energy-efficiency.

Project Leadership

myphoto_facebook2-264x300-184x184CGRE Community Love Project is an innovative, socially responsible hybrid born of the partnership of California Center for Economic Initiatives and Clean Green Real Estate.  CGRE is a small women-owned business headquartered in Pennsylvania –focused on residential and commercial redevelopment with a Green approach, creating high performance, detoxified environment in each property, forcing the properties to operate at an optimum efficiency and creating a clean, healthy oasis for members.  In this new endeavor Clean Green Real Estate is focusing on community projects that will benefit small communities and rural areas throughout the United States.

CGRE Community Love Project is a fiscally sponsored project of California Center for Economic Initiatives a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations made through this page will go directly to the cause, additionally all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


Contact Us:

Maureen Janco, Owner & Operator of CGRE Community Love Project
Rushelli Luna, Development Manager